Monday, December 10, 2012

Hidden Trail to Stone House Out via Bowen

It was cold this morning, too cold for me to ride a bike.  Yes, I am that big of a wimp that I do not like to ride the bike when it's below 60.  We decided to hike.  Note to future self, when it is 56 degrees and the sun is out, wear shorts, short sleeved T and long sleeved over shirt.  The dark capris were too much.
We headed up the Hidden Trail and then out to see the Bowen stone house.  We were curious to see how much water had been running out there this summer.  Look at the plants next to the wash, see how they are laying on their sides and appear to be uprooted?  Rushing water did that.

These are the remains of the Bowen Homestead, it dates from the early 1930s.  A map and more info is available at this link

The house had two fireplaces and appears to have had running water.

They had spectacular views from every window.

On the way back, we saw mule deer.  Of course they would position themselves so I had to shoot into the sun.  There were an additional three later on.

It was a good hike.  

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