Thursday, December 20, 2012

King Tides & More Cold in the Desert

Last Monday the Seattle area experienced "king tides", which are very high tides, along with exceptionally low pressure and wind.  Cliff Mass discussed it on his excellent weather blog.  The result was water incursions into West Seattle and other low lying areas.  See the fence?  On this side of that fence is parking for the Mukilteo ferry terminal, except Monday when it was covered with water.

These are houses along the shore in West Seattle.  Probability is high that they took on some water.


Monday we were able to ride on the road, and we stopped to take a picture of a new shrine.  It's part way up A Mountain.  I would have liked to have seen them getting it up there, the blue part is concrete and has to be really heavy.

Here in the Old Pueblo, we're just cold and windy.  It's supposed to improve tomorrow, which can't be too soon for me.  We went out and bought an electric blanket today.  Last night we were really cold, and we decided it was time.  We have two bedroom slides, and when it's blowing, there is a draft.  So, that purchase should ensure a warming trend.
This was this afternoon.  We went for a short walk from the Genser trailhead.

I guess tomorrow is the end of the world, so maybe we'll have dessert tonight.

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