Friday, December 21, 2012

Cat Mountain Trail

You probably can't see the screen on my phone, but it's Google maps, showing us standing on the intersection of Starr Pass Trail and Cat Mountain Trail.  How cool is that?  The internet knows about hiking trails in the Tucson Mountains.

The Cat Mountain Trail is really nice.  It runs along the side of Cat Mountain, heading generally towards Ajo Way.  We were hoping for a spur that would run back down into the "bowl" of the park, but that trail does not exist.  Cat Mountain eventually runs into Explorer, which ends up at JFK park.   In order to do all of it, one would either have to set up a car shuttle, or call a cab from the park.  I'm thinking I like the cab idea.  We'll try the whole thing when it warms up and the days get a little longer.

This is taken from a high point on the trail.  Is it not lovely?

These are happy cholla.  I love it when they're back lighted, they sort of glow.  Those are dangerous cactus, they jump, embed themselves in your flesh, and then laugh as you try to pull them out.


Twenty seven years ago today, Jim and I married.  My mother was horrified because we'd only dated for 6 months, but I assured her that all would be well; and I was right. 

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