Thursday, December 13, 2012

Riding Robles and a Winter Storm

Yesterday we went out to the new trail system, which is called the Robles Trail System.  After my face plant out at Fantasy Island, I needed to get back on a mountain bike so as to not let the fear of falling turn me into a complete and total nutbag.  Here, again, is the trail map.  Last time we rode, we went up the Sunset Pass trail, down Bittersweet, and then off at Cascabel Trail and out Irvington.  This time we decided we'd take Bittersweet all the way back down to the Camaro Loop Trail.  It was terrible.  I ended up walking almost all of it.  It's rocky, sandy and side hill.  I can do two out of three, but not all.  It's unlikely that I will ever be good enough to ride that trail segment.

Long time readers know that I love a good bruise picture.  These are not great bruises, but they're ok.  The thigh is a deep muscle bruise from the face plant.  I splatted on to a bunch of rocks, which did that.  The calf is from Robles, yesterday.  Yesterday!  The ride to get me to not be a nutbag ended with me going down in another stupid benign wash after riding some pretty strenuous rocks with no issues.  My front wheel went sideways, the bike stopped and while I was able to step off the bike, it still had enough momentum to drive the nose of the seat into my calf.  The hematoma was casting a shadow within minutes.

This is at the top of the terrible Bittersweet trail.  Scary trails never look like much in pictures, I don't know why that is.

So that was yesterday.
Today the winds came as we had a frontal passage.  Two RVs that we can see from our site had their awnings damaged, as they had been left extended while the owners were gone.  Tonight it rained!  It's the first time since we have been back.  Hopefully the high pressure ridge will reassert itself in short order.
It's unclear what climate we will have tomorrow, which will determine what we're able to do. 

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  1. I was looking at pictures the other day and saw another glorious thigh bruise of yours or was it Jim's in my collection. Are you using Arnica on them?