Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fall Down, Get Back Up

We went out to ride the south end of Fantasy Island today.  It's an easy ride, we've done it many many times without incident.  On the way out, we saw cows.  Here is a baby cow in a depression.

Here is a big cow, surrounded by cactus.

We were departing the Snake Dance trail via a wash that is not particularly threatening.  I don't know what the heck happened, but my front wheel flipped and I launched.  My hands are bruised as well as my left thigh.  I dug my chin into the ground, but fortunately did not break any teeth.  This is pre-sand removal.

This is post sand removal.  Jim spent a long time with Q-tips taking out the sand.

So, it was a crappy ride.  Now I have to go back out there and ride that stupid wash before I become fearful and a complete and total nutbag.
Tomorrow we are going to the 4th Avenue Street fair.  There will be much stalking of my fellow Americans with the camera.  

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