Saturday, October 20, 2012

We Gottagetouttahere!

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember Eric Burden and the Animals, singing "We Gotta Get Out of Here."  That would be today's song that I have stuck in my head. It's COLD and WET
I took pictures off of Jim's camera today and found these.  Jim took them in December off the deck of May's house.  Pretty.

This is a torpedo recovery boat.

This is May, taken yesterday.  She'll be 98 on October 22.

Since it's so cold and miserable, we're making beef stew for dinner.  I was forced to sacrifice one of our really good reds from Walla Walla.  Fortunately, there is some left over for drinking with dinner.  If you like red wine, and you're in the area, you should really take a trip to Walla Walla.  Anyway, look at Jim's pants.  He's wearing the camo fleece pants we bought in 2006 after he broke his pelvis.  He had an entire new wardrobe of loose fitting pants for that event.  Fortunately we brought these with us, because we are freezing!

Random sunbeam hitting a tree in between rain squalls.

We're leaving Tuesday morning for Bend.  As is usual with an RV, there are things to be fixed.  Generally in the GPNW, it never snows before Thanksgiving.  But since I am here, with an RV, and want to drive south, this year the snow is predicted to be early.  I can't stand it. Check out the Cliff Mass weather blog.  "The atmospheric flow pattern is changing in a big way, developing a deep trough over the eastern Pacific, and driving much colder air south...and I mean south.  The Cascades will get its first real snowfall starting this weekend and then the white stuff will push southward towards the Sierras."  We're now debating whether we should go south on I5, and then over Santiam pass, or if we should go east on I90.  After that, we are undecided.  We had wanted to go south on 395, but it's going to depend on the weather.  We're looking forward to being in Tucson where it is warm.

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  1. 98! May looks great!

    I feel your pain about possible snow. We have had a little so far but not as much as we could have. I am just hoping we don't get a winter of constant snow like we had last winter. Drove me nuts.

    Safe travels to Tucson and I bet that stew tasted great!