Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Riverbend RV Resort - Harrisburg OR

We drove back up to Harrisburg, which is near Junction City, which is close to Coburg, which is just north of Eugene.  We're familiar with the Portland area, where all of the little towns run into each other, forming the greater Portland megalopolis.  We thought it would be the same in the Eugene area.  We were wrong.  These towns are fairly dispersed, and there's driving to be done from one place to the other.  Anyway, we're now at the Riverbend RV park which is about 2 minutes away from Elite RV.  The park is nice, it's bank owned and one can tell some maintenance is being deferred, but over all it's good.  There is no cable, so the complete absence of trees is good for the satellite. 
As I have said before, when you own an RV you go to some of the most interesting places.  Today it was this place in Eugene.  They have row upon row of bins of every imaginable small piece of everything there ever was.

These are mirror arms that have been taken off old RVs that have been parted out.

Bins of stuff.

We went in looking for a brushed nickel round finial for one of the reading lights over the bed.  The woman who worked there walked directly to the bin full of lamp bits and found one, it's a perfect match.  That was good.
Tomorrow we go in to get the slide fixed.  Allegedly it will not take all day, so we may drive back down to Seven Feathers.  It's a really nice park, and it gets us 100 miles closer to Susanville.  The Susanville drive is slow because there is climbing, and narrow roads and it's not freeway.  It's important to make Susanville because that sets us up to make the Whiskey Flats RV park in Hawthorne NV.  There are not many parks out in that part of Nevada, and we do not ever want to stay at the Tonopah Station Casino again, so Susanville becomes a major milestone on the trek southward.
Other than this, I have little to report.

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