Monday, October 8, 2012

Le Monetiere des Bains to Gordes

Greetings from Gordes.  The drive was not too bad, we were only on one single lane road, and fortunately we saw the giant truck in time to move over and let it pass.  This is a medieval town we saw in Tallard, which is is also home to the Internationally renowned Gap-Tallard Aerodrome, home of CERPS Skydiving Club and French military parachute training.  In 2007 a stage of the TdF started there.

Some sort of squash blossom.  These are really good stuffed with ricotta, rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  Yum!

Now we are in the city center of Gordes.  Mid photo is an ancient church.

One of the chapels.

An interior shot.

The WWI memorial in the main traffic circle.

Behold, Gordes in the setting sun.  Is it not spectacular?  The place is just awash in stone buildings and dry fit rock walls.

The Luberon.

The courtyard of our hotel, Le Hotel Gordos.  We stayed here in 2005 on a bike tour.  It's a nice place, very quiet.  The down side to it is there is no restaurant.  So we will have to forage.

The force of the internet is inconsistent here. I get dropped about every five minutes, so this will be brief.  Perhaps tomorrow if I sit closer to the office, it will be better.  We are here for three nights.  We're a little tired, and decided it would be good to stay put. 

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