Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Drive up Mount Ventoux

Today's choice was between more cute villages or going up to see Mt. Ventoux.  We went with the mountain.  We plugged Bedoin into the GPS, since it's on one of the steep routes up to Chalet Reynard.  The GPS took us up  some more teeny tiny D roads.  We came to this abbey shortly after leaving Gordes.  Is it not lovely?  That's a lavender field in front.

Then it was on to Bedoin.  We'd forgotten we had city center plugged in to it, and started to drive up this road.  After a split second we came to our senses and got back on the main drag.

This is Chalet Reynard, where the routes from Sault and Bedoin converge, and the road gets really steep.

As is often the case, the top of the mountain was in the clouds.  The weather is quite often terrible at the top, and today was not an exception.  It was very windy.

This is the memorial to Tom Simpson.  He died here in 1967.

This is about 3k from the top.  We're out of the clouds here.

We went back via Sault, erroneously thinking that the roads would be wider than the route from Bedoin.  Perhaps marginally, but not significantly.  Jim spent much of the drive with the right side tires in the grass, dodging on coming traffic. 


Tomorrow we're driving to Marseilles.  We will drop off the rental, proceed to the airport hotel and await our flight on Friday morning.  Much of it will be on the autoroute, so there may not be anything worth posting.

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