Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seattle to Eugene OR

Greetings from Eugene, OR.  Our plans to visit the Monaco repair facility were thwarted by the fact that they are booked out for the next month!  A month!  So we are now at Carrier and Sons, camping out in their parking lot.  We're specifically wanting the water leak fixed, and a couple of nits.  They have good reviews on the web, but they are unknown to us.  However, it's not snowing here and it is snowing in Bend.  So there you go.  It was a fairly uninspiring drive with nothing significant to see along the way.

This is the only interesting thing we saw on the drive.  This is Miss Elam, an unlimited hydroplane.

We're still thinking about a run across the mountains to Nevada so we can avoid the drive through California on I5.  I don't ever want to drive near Los Angeles on I5 or south of there.  The roads are just too terrible.  The weather is supposed to warm up Thursday and all of the snow currently falling on our proposed route should melt before we get there.
So here we are and here we be.

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