Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Morning Greetings from Gordes

Good morning!  The internet is doing better today, here are a few miscellaneous pictures.  This was taken yesterday somewhere around Apt on a D road.  D roads are generally a full two lanes wide, although sometimes they are more narrow.  The GPS took us down a very narrow D road yesterday that was not on the map.  We kept seeing signs indicating it was a bike route, it was very remote.  Anyway, look at the size of the truck, and how little pavement remains.  Constant vigilance is required on the narrow roads in the country.  They are, however, much more interesting than the autoroutes.

Do you not love the trees planted on the sides of the roads?  It is so picturesque it just hurts me.

The grape harvest is on in France.  They were out picking by hand yesterday.  I should have slammed on the brakes and gotten a picture, but I missed it.  Yesterday afternoon we drove into Costellet to do laundry.  We found a great laundromat with front loaders.  I love a good front loader because it squeezes out so much water and then our clothes dry faster.  Anyway, across the street is a Cave selling local wine.  You can bring your own container and fill it up with the hose.  Why don't we have this in the States?

The castle of Gordes at night.

We had pretty good fog this morning.  The condensation is on the inside of the window.  It's a very old window.

We're not moving too fast this morning.  It's been nice just folding laundry, straightening out our belongs and sitting still.  Soon we will venture out somewhere not too far from here.

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