Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eugene to Seven Feathers in Canyonville OR

We have departed the Eugene area fairly happily.  Carrier discovered that our water inlet check valve had failed, and that three hoses were in the process of failing.  That was a well timed maintenance stop.  We had a plastic combination check valve/pressure regulator.  The tech recommended replacing it with a metal check valve with no pressure regulator, since we were using an external one.  That's because we had no idea that we had an internal pressure regulator.  With that gone, we have much better water pressure.  Showers are better!  We went by Davis cabinets and had them shave 1/8 of an inch off each of the cabinet doors that would no longer close. They re-varnished them and put them back, all within an hour.  Oddly enough, we ran into one of the guys who sold us the RV at the Pomona show.  We wanted to hit the road so we didn't talk for very long.  It was a very productive day for maintenance issues. At 3pm we decided to leave the area, the area RV parks were looking sort of dreary, so we headed out.
This is rural Oregon from I5.

We saw many people with backpacks hitch hiking along the highway.  WTH?  I didn't know anyone still hitch hiked.  They were all wearing this sort of equipment.  Very surprising to me.

After awhile, we drove out of the rain and had a fairly nice afternoon.

We are at the Seven Feathers RV resort.  It's attached to a casino, they run shuttles from the park 7 by 24 if you are so inclined.  It's a great park, very pretty, good water pressure, cable, satellite friendly where we are and they have wifi.  The wifi is a good thing because the mifi is getting zippity doodah all by way of signal. We are surrounded by mountains.

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