Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Drive to Lookingglass OR

Today was eerily warm.  The last two days were cold and wet, but it was in to the 70's today.  We decided to drive up to Lookingglass to see what we would see.  It's so small the Magellan GPS was unaware of it, fortunately the smart phone GPS knew about it.  Once there, it proved to be nothing more than a wide spot in the road.
On the way, we drove by the Roseburg Forest Products plant.  They make sawdust, plywood and melamine.  It's enormous.  The plant went on for about a mile.  I suspect they are the largest payroll in the area.

The sawdust pile, look at the sawdust pipeline crossing the road.  Very impressive.

There are several wineries out there as well.  There are signs directing drivers along the wine tour. This is one of the fields of grapes.

This is the North Umpqua river.  The town of Winston has put in a nice vehicle/boat trailer parking lot and a new boat ramp.  The sun was out briefly, making the trees look good.

Tomorrow we're going back up to Harrisburg to wait for it to be Wednesday, which is when we'll go to Elite RV repair.  We're both fairly anxious about what will happen when we put the slide in.  Prudence dictates that we will leave it in, and just suffer with the loss of living space until it can be fixed.

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