Monday, October 1, 2012

Arrival in Padua After a Visit from the Doctor

Oy!  It's been a day and a half.  But first I will digress to the previous evening.  Last night was Sunday, and it appears to be a huge travel day at the train station.  There were amazing traffic volumes.  People are supposed to turn right into the train station, pick up their people and then exit.  Since that takes too long to do, people park in the right lane of the street and wait, thus making it impossible for people to exit the train station, or drive down the right lane.  Last night, in addition to leaning on the horns, they were out of their cars yelling at each other.  It was fun to watch, much better than BBC.

This morning Jim woke up with intestinal cramping; seriously painful.  So we had the hotel summon the doctor.  He showed up in 20 minutes.  He stated that Jim has a virus and should quit taking immodium.  To treat the cramping, Jim would need a shot in the buttocks of buscopan.  So, he takes out an ampule of drug, fills the syringe, and then asks me if we have any antiseptic.  Apparently he does not carry single use alcohol wipes in the little black bag.  The best I could do was Listerine and some kleenex, which he cheerfully accepted and used.  I am so disappointed that I did not get a photo of that.  It did work, however, and we were able to leave Bologna.   I can say that the parts of Bologna we saw have very little to recommend them.
Once we were able to get out of town, the drive was fairly uneventful.  We managed the toll booths, only stalled the car twice (we have not driven a stick in decades), and made it to the Padua Best Western.  It's a business hotel, close to the freeway and fully self contained with a bar and a restaurant.  Except the restaurant is closed.  I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is.  This is the view from the room.

The roof top is not nearly as interesting as the train station.  We did see this on the way to Padua, it looked pretty impressive up on its hill top.

There is zero english TV here, I think we'll be breaking out the DVD player and the little speaker tonight.  Jim is watching ancient westerns dubbed in Italian, one starring a young Dean Martin.  The force of the internet is weak, very weak, here.  There will not be much photo uploading.
Tomorrow, we may or may not go in to Venice, it depends on how Jim feels.  We're still waiting for that rising tide, but it's not here yet.

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