Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Weather Post

Weather is interesting to me.  Yesterday, we had water spouts forming near Hat Island.  How cool is that?  I borrowed this photo from the Cliff Mass weather blog.  Click on his excellent blog for more pictures and charts.

This is the new forecast for Bend.  Those are snowflakes in the forecast.  Bend is now off the route for the return to Tucson.  We think we're going to try to get the RV in for work in Coburg, Oregon instead.  It's just off of I5 and is not on narrow mountainous roads.  It's a bummer we got this trough pushing cold air in from Alaska, we like the Bend facility.

This afternoon we drove over to West Seattle to visit friends of ours.  It was a gorgeous sunny day on the way out.  This is Harbor Island.

By the time we left, squalls had started coming through and it was raining pigs and chickens again.

This was taken from the I90 bridge.  Click to enlarge so you can see the mountains.

Same general area, from a different viewpoint.  That would be snow in the Cascades.

So today's key learning is that October is not always a safe month to travel, and we should have been gone sooner.  However, I finally got my Botox approved by the insurance company, and we are doing that tomorrow afternoon.   Then we are are leaving, and going south, like good snowbirds.

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