Thursday, November 1, 2012

Canyonville OR to Susanville CA

We got the RV back from Elite yesterday, early enough to make it back down to Canyonville.  We like Elite, we will go back there.  This is the floor in the kitchen by the refrigerator and the dinette.  To fix the chewed up underside of the slide, they screwed stainless steel plates to the edges.  In the RV, we must now use "Slide Slickers" for the plates to move over.  Otherwise the stainless steel will chew up the tile.  There is a lot of chewing going on here.  The black rectangle is the Slide Slicker.  Notice the dark stain north of the black rectangle.  That is a water stain caused by the leak on the top of the slide.  They fixed that for us, as well.  We're happy with them.

It did not rain today, which was a nice change from yesterday, which was just horrid.  This is somewhere in Oregon.

This is Mt. Shasta.  It's the first time I've seen it, usually there are thick clouds everywhere.

It looks like a move backdrop.

Today's route was I5, to 89, to 44 to Susanville.  I5 was fine.  89 was ok, but there's nothing out there.  We decided we wanted more fuel than we had since there was nothing out there.  This is the first time we have stopped at a gas station that wasn't a truck stop.  Notice how we are not under the canopy.

Hey Jim, good thing you're not any farther away!

This is 89, and this is what it looks like.  It's narrow, and frequently there are some pretty steep descents that they don't warn you about.  On I5 there are signs warning you about 6% for 2 miles or whatever.  We were surprised several times when Jim had to hit the service brakes as well the exhaust brakes.  This is very slow driving, so do not plan on making good time here.

It's a lovely drive when the sun is out.  Once we got to 44, the road widened, wasn't so up and down, but there was still nothing out there.  I don't like it when there is no cell service.

Here we are in Susanville.  It's old and quaint.

We're at the Susanville RV park which is nice.  There are not a lot of trees and the sites are fairly level.  The free wi-fi is unusable, but the Verizon signal is good enough to run a hot-spot on the phone with good response time.
Tomorrow is a short day to Hawthorne.  There is not much available in western Nevada, so we're going to pull up early and do some laundry.  All of this cold weather has caused much wearing of many clothes!
Oh yes, the sites have the utilities at the back.  If one has a Class A towing a vehicle, one will be very far away from the sewer.  We had to dump before completely pulling into the site, and then put the hose away.   So, note to self, arrive Susanville with empty tanks, if you are towing a vehicle and do not wish to unhook said vehicle.

2014 Susanville Update

We still love this park.   This year we're on site 10, which has the utilities closer to the middle of the site.  Thus we were able to keep the truck hooked on to RV and put out a sewer hose as well.  Sites are concrete and level.  We did not have to use the HWH leveling.  This is an excellent park for a transit.  It's off 395, it's quiet and it's level.  We're getting 4G on the Jetpack with 3 bars.  There are few pesky trees so satellite reception is good.  This is an excellent overnight.

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