Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day Twelve - Resting

We had intended to sleep late, but woke up starving, so we got up to feed.  We met a fellow guest on the stairs who said he felt like all he did was ride and eat.  After breakfast we put our dirty clothes in our backpacks and walked off to the laundry.  While waiting for the clothes, we sat in a lovely little cafe and had a water and a cappucino.  Why can't the laundromats in the US be in these pleasant surroundings?

Later we walked up to the train station to determine upon what platform we should stand Sunday morning.  Taking trains is something I am not yet comfortable with, I have very little experience with them.  We saw this hotel on the way up.  Is it not lovely?

OK, guess what this is.  It's the car elevator for the underground parking.  Pretty cool, eh?

Finally, it was off to the grocery store.  They have these nifty baskets.  You can carry them, or if they get too heavy, they have wheels.

Then it was time for lunch.  That has been about it for today.


  1. "Why can't the laundromats in the US be in these pleasant surroundings?" Come to my neighborhood in North Portland - laundramat and a very cool bakery/cafe plus a breakfast /lunch spot with-in a block!!

    However, the place in Italy is undoubtably very cool.

    About the train - did you reserve a seat. I rode the length of Italy standing up because I didn't think you needed a seat plus a ticket to ride...


  2. Yes! We do have reserved seats. It would be a very long and tiring stand to Bologna. Glad to hear that the laundromats in Portland have nice surroundings.