Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day Six - Ride to San Marino

Today we rode to San Marino.  It was founded in 301 AD, and is the oldest constitutional republic in the world.  It was 68k and 2,000 feet of climbing, almost all of which was in the last 10k before reaching the city.  We had a beautiful day, it was cool, crisp and clear.  We went for coffee at a restaurant with a stunning view.

This is another restaurant across the way from us.

It was surprisingly cold and windy.  The restaurant very kindly supplied blankets for the patrons.  I was wearing mine like a bathrobe.  By the time we got up there, we were soaking wet from the climb, so we were all somewhat chilly.

We had another big group of riders, so there were two tour guides.  I did not get his name, and it didn't matter because he speaks no english.  He is poetry on a bicycle.  Anyway, he planned ahead and brought clothing for the descent.  Here he is demonstrating his newspaper in his jersey. 

He's heat adapted.  He ended up with the newspaper under the jersey, another long sleeved jersey, a jacket, leg warmers, and a small scarf around the neck.   He had an entire wardrobe in his jersey pockets.  All we brought were vests and arm warmers.
This is Jim in front of another restaurant.  They had really big think paper placemats on their tables.  I swiped one and tore it in half, and we put them in our vests.  My bamboo rag for dealing with perspiration in my eyes went in the helmet, which was good since my head was still soaked when we left.

Another look at the view from above.  Going down the hill, I was fairly surprised I had ridden up it.  It's steep!

 It was a good ride. The downside was we were late getting back for lunch and all the caramelized bananas were gone.  There was great wailing and gnashing of teeth over that.

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