Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day Before Departure

Greetings from the GPNW.  The climate continues to amaze and astound us.  We had rain the night before last, so we didn't break the record of 51 days of no rain, but it was close.  Good weather is hanging tough this year.  A new road hazard for the bikes is fruit.  I never noticed it before, but there are a fair number of apple trees along the streets, along with what I think are plums. In addition to pointing at rocks, we're now pointing at fruit as we go up the road.

This is my beloved husband, who has developed an ill timed cold.  Can you believe it?  He has developed a cold the very day before we're flying to Italy.  I'll probably be next to get it. 

This is where we are going, the Belvedere Bike Hotel.   We're going to be there for two weeks, renting bikes and riding in the area.  Unless, of course, Jim develops the plague.  It's one of the many sections of Italy we haven't seen yet.  We were in Tuscany/Umbria in 2004 and just loved all of it.  After the Belvedere, we're renting a car and will amble over to Marseilles and then fly home. 


  1. Will you be posting from Europe? Would love to read about your travels while you are visiting the Continent.

  2. Yes, I will be posting when there is internet. We should be able to put photos up the first two weeks, the hotel advertises internet. It's good to post before we forget where we've been.