Friday, September 21, 2012

Day Seven - Friday Market

Today's C group ride was a long hilly ride to Urbino.  We decided to go to the Friday market.  I was expecting to see the usual collection of beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Which we did see.


There were several purveyors of cheese, meat and fish.

But there was more, so much more.  For a one day market there is a ton of stuff.  We have legs!

There are mattresses.

Everything here is a euro.

There are curtains.

This is the one that flummoxes me.  How does one buy a brassiere without trying it on?  I guess these ladies know their sizes better than I know mine.

There are many underclothing options available.

After leaving the market we saw this building.  Is that not spectacular tile work?

After the market, we headed out for a bike store which was closed for the mid-day meal.  So we were forced to spend a couple of hours drinking coffee and having conversation.  It's a tough way to spend an afternoon, but somebody's gotta do it.

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  1. I could use some fun curtains for the house in TX that has an Italian theme. It would be great to say they were from Italy. I guess I will just have to do the trip myself :)

    sounds like you are having fun!