Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Car Rental Weirdness

Checking the calendar reveals that we are departing ONE WEEK FROM TODAY for Italy.  We're not completely ready for this trip.  I've been printing out hotel reservations, airline stuff and etc.  I like the old-fashioned paper backups of documents.  Hertz sent us a three page car reservation confirmation, with this text on page three.  I find this paragraph incomprehensible.  Is this something that allows them to cancel your reservation, should they not like the look of you when you arrive for your car?  I think it's very odd.
This reservation is based on information you have provided
Hertz, including information regarding your current
geographic location.  Hertz reserves the right to demand
proof of what you have told us.  In particular, if you have
indicated that you are located outside your country of
residence,  you may, at the time of rental, be required to
prove where you were when this reservation was made,
through evidence such as an air or rail carrier ticket
receipt, a hotel bill or a utility bill addressed to you at
the location where you say you were.  Failure to provide
such substantiation may invalidate the rates you have been
quoted, or invalidate the entire reservation.  Providing
false information to Hertz in connection with this
reservation would also breach your rental agreement and
could violate the law.

We're taking two months of receipts from the RV park, to show where we were when we called, but how strange is that?

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