Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Days Four & Five of the Hotel Belvedere

Yesterday (Tuesday) we did not ride.  It was 3.5 hour ride to a barbeque at the hotel owner's country house, followed by a ride back to the hotel.  It seemed like too long of a day for Jim, who is still in recovery from the plague.  We took a 2k stroll to the laundromat.  Our timing was perfect, we got a washer immediately, dumped in the clothes and went across the street for a coffee.  After coming back, we had a little rest, and then headed out in the opposite direction for a walk.
This is a house we saw  while walking.  Pretty nice.

This is the Grand Hotel.  It's closed now, it used to be a spectacular hotel.  The sign saying it's under renovation has been up for several years.  It would be cool so see it restored to former glory.

This is the marina.

The row of hotels gives you an idea of what brings money to Riccione.  Summer is high season for the beach,  and the hotels are full.  The bike hotels function as such during May and September, but switch to being beach hotels when it gets hot.

Jim and I did the C ride today.  It was not a spectacular ride.  It started raining, so the guide decided we should stop for coffee and then head back for the hotel.  Then it stopped raining, so it was decided we would ride some more.  So we rode back up the steep hill we had just come down; got to the top and it started raining again.  At that point the group admitted defeat and we went back down the big hill and headed in.  Jim flatted on the way back, fortunately the hotel mechanic was riding sweep and he changed it for us. We got 58k.
There are no photos from today's ride because I had my camera wrapped in the foil that contained my riding snack to keep it dry.  Sorry about that!

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