Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 10 - Rimini and the Country House

After two days of Panoramica, we declared ourselves tired.  This morning we rode with the Leisure Group to Rimini.  It's a slow ride, one is allowed to stop and take pictures without incurring the opprobrium of the group for the delay.  Here is one of the original gates to the city.  I did not get a date of construction, so I'll just leave it as really really old.

This is the duomo in the city, also really really old.

Inside the church.

Another window.

While I was in the church, this nun was following me.  I'm not sure what gave more offense, the bike shorts or the taking of pictures.  I could absolutely feel disapproval radiating from her.  So I left, and apparently leaving was not good enough.  Here she is glaring at me some more.  I have several shots of her giving me "the look."

We then sat at an outdoor cafe and watched people.  I love that, it's my favorite thing to do.  Isn't this young woman pretty?  She and her companion seemed to be having a discussion that was not pleasing her.

These are happy guys.

The innate stylishness of Italians never ceases to amaze me.  They have a panache that you just don't see anywhere else.  The Parisians are close, but I think Italy wins on style points.

This used to be a fish market.  Now they sell flowers and other stuff.  Not too much was happening today.

Another old building.

Danelo said this bridge dates from the 1st century.  Updated, I looked on the web and found this:  "Made of Istrian limestone, it was begun by Augustus but finished by Tiberius in 21 A.D. and marks the beginning of the ancient Aemilian Way (Via Emilia). It's been a national monument since 1885 for it is one of the most remarkable Roman bridges still in existence and in use! Apparently the foundations of its pillars are not disjoint from each other but form a single foundation thus giving more stability."

The goal of today's ride was the weekend house of Marina, who owns the hotel.  Apparently her Dad bought it some time ago.  They don't use it a lot because it needs a fair amount of work.  This is the view from their back yard.

They were doing a barbeque for the hotel guests.  That is the back of the house.

One of the living areas.

There is a staircase going to the second floor.  This is on the ceiling over the staircase.  I'd be interested to know who the lady is gazing over the fence.

It was a fun day, we got to see stuff and rest.  We came back with the C group, which was faster than Leisure.  We got 43k.  We hear tomorrow is a big ride, we're wondering what that means.


  1. The gate is actually "The Arch of Augustus in Rimini, known as Arco d'Augusto, is an Ancient Roman monument constructed in 27 BC for the Rome’s first emperor." This according to

  2. love history ;) love the pic of where they sell the flowers. when you find out about the lady looking down the stairs, let me know, I am sure she has a story.