Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 13 - Ride to Pesaro Returning via Panoramica

Today Jim had reached his limit on group rides.  Guides are good when you have no clue as to where you're going, but group rides can be difficult because you're with people who don't ride at your pace, slowing occurs at every round about so the guide can be sure no one was left behind, and etc and etc.  So we decided we would ride SS16 to Pesaro. SS16 is a limited access road, it's not divided, but there are no lights.  It was not a particularly attractive ride, but it was an efficient route.  We got into Pesaro and freaked out a little. We had to ride on an off ramp for the autostrada for a bit, there was a lot of traffic.  However, it soon thinned out, and we lived.

This gate caught my eye on the way in to Pesaro.  We walked across the road to get a closer look.

This is what's behind the gate.  It's an old ... something.

Close up of the statuary.

This is an old church in Pesaro.

The inside of it.

This is a breakwater they're working on.  Look at the hills beyond, that's how we went home.  If you refer to the yellow squiggly line on the map at the top of the post, that's the route.  There's a fair amount of up, but it is an absolutlely beautiful ride.

The beach.  Pesaro is also a resort town.  According to the internet, foreigners go to Rimini and Riccione and Italians to to Pesaro.  They are, however, in the process of rolling up the sidewalks.  The season is over!  It's a beautiful time to be here.  I can not imagine the numbers of people and cars that are here in the summer.

Fences are going up along the beach fronts.

We continued on south on a really cool bike path.  It went along the ocean front for miles.  After awhile, it was time to turn around and return north.  The route through the park was just delightfully deserted. We did 70k and it was enough.

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