Friday, September 21, 2012

Evening Six of Hotel Belvedere

Last night was the pool party.  A tremendous amount of work went in to table settings, dressing the pool chairs and etcetera.  I was really just expecting drinks by the pool, but it turned out to be a multi-course sit down dinner, with a DJ and entertainment between courses.  The wait staff did the thing where they run in with plates on their arms.  It was pretty cool.

This is Fiona on the left and Jamie.  They are both from Winnipeg.  One of the things the DJ did was to play the various countries' national anthems and have people stand up when theirs was played.  Clearly the Canadians were in the majority last night.

The front of the hotel as the sun went down.

We had entertainers from Rio.  The woman was wearing a big head dress and was a very good dancer.  The guy on her left did some dancing with fire and fire swallowing later, but by then my battery had died.  The death of the battery is really unfortunate because I do not have pictures of the bartender and Don dancing with fire on the bridge.

One of the guys had a birthday so she went over to pose for pictures with him.

The Blues Brothers were also there. The DJ played music spanning many decades.

This is not our table.  Look at all the glasses of red wine.  Those people were having fun.

The party exceeded expectations.  Marina (the hotel owner) has an excellent business plan.  Many of the local hotels are closed for the season, but she is totally booked through October.  

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