Saturday, October 16, 2010

Riding the JEM trail

When you're in a new place, figuring out where to ride can be difficult. On the road, one wonders where are the good places, where the drivers are not likely to kill you. Off road, one wonders where the heck is the trail head? That's the beauty of guided tours.
Yesterday, we headed out into the great wide open to find the JEM trail. We wanted to start riding at the quarry, to avoid the vertiginous section of trail along the Virgin River. Our patience was rewarded, and after a long drive on a really bumpy wash boarded road, we found it.

It's not a bad trail. Parts of it are pretty rocky. Jim was attempting this short steep little climb with a right hand turn. He did not make it. There's an owie on the elbow, but he's otherwise fine.

We did part of that trail and then went up Hurricane Cliffs for a bit. Then I was tired and we went back to the truck. It looked like we would have thunderstorms for awhile, but they never materialized.

Today we went back to the JEM trail and rode it from the trail head, which put us on the stretch that goes by the river. Parts of it are very close to the edge. I didn't get any really good shots because I did not want to look down.

A rider coming up the trail.

It was a good day, we went farther than before, I rode more rocks up and down, and only walked about 3 feet of the riverside trail.


  1. this looks lovely and fun! Your pictures are very good

  2. Sorry Jim has an owie :P I have a few new bruises too, where do they come from? Keep on hikin' and bikin'!!!