Monday, October 25, 2010

Kodachrome Basin - Shakespeare Arch & Angel's Palace

This post is from our travels Saturday, 10/23. It's no wonder I've been confused as to what happened on a given day, I had the date on my camera set wrong.
This is Kodachrome Basin. More beauty abounds. Look at the hay bales foreground in the picture, see the little black blobs? Those are wild turkeys.

Our first hike took us to Shakespeare Arch. It is not the most impressive arch in Utah.

It was a trail with a lot of up and down.

There was a lot of side hill.

There was much scenery.

This was posted at the rest rooms at the base of another trail. I just love the part about mud swallowing vehicles.

Then it was on to Angel's Palace.

It was a fairly easy trail, which was nice. It climbed up to the top of a rock formation, and wound around for while with views of what was below.

There were fins we could walk out onto. It was pretty cool that I was out there at the end. I'm doing much better with the heights. My peripheral vision still flickers a little when there's nothing on either side of me, but it's not as bad as it has been. I think mountain biking side hill trails has helped get it back under control.

Look at this sky. Doesn't it look threatening? It's part of the weather system here that looks evil and then just sprinkles. More on that later.

Kodachrome Basin is another stunning park among many stunning parks.

Thanks to Kim for her photos of me and Angel's Palace.

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