Monday, October 4, 2010

Draper UT to Zion River RV Park, Virgin UT

We had dinner with the Hancocks last night, as always it was just delightful. Their yard is beautifully landscaped. This is one of the outdoor seating areas, it's a chair from an old chairlift. It's suspended so one can sit and look down the valley.

I like the lights in the trees. They are very festive. They're all wired and on timers, which is good because there are many of them.

I took this picture as we were leaving the park in Draper. This is a Hummer H2. This is another case of why. I don't understand why you would own a Hummer in the first place, but if you did own a manly off road vehicle, why would you put such low profile tires on it with fancy wheels?

The weather turned ugly today. We had gusting side winds and torrential rain for most of the drive south. Tonight there's a chance of high winds and hail. After that they're predicting a plague of locusts and frogs falling from the sky.

The Zion River RV park is very nice. We are on a paved pull-through slot. Pull through means that one just drives in, no backing is required. Should be simple, right? We're watching a guy come in next to us, he backed and filled for about 10 minutes, and finally gave up and drove around the park for a second try. I can not understand why this was so difficult. No, wait, he's backing up again.
Anyway, we have wi-fi and satellite. What we do not have is cell phone service.
Given the harrowing nature of today, the captain has authorized an extra tot of grog, so I am signing off now to enjoy said grog. That is all maties.

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