Friday, October 1, 2010

Oregon Trail RV Park - Baker City, OR

Greetings from Oregon. It was a long day for us, but an even longer day for these unfortunate souls. How does this happen? This was on a fairly long 6% grade. I was driving, and I did my first hard stop downhill towing 6 tons of RV. The little pickup seems to have done a 180 and was hit by the 18 wheeler.

Look upper left in the photo, you can see the top of the other pickup truck that has been hit by the 18 wheeler. Highway patrol was arriving on-scene as we went through in the left lane. It was a very recent incident.

So, that was the interesting thing we saw today.

Most of the drive is through agricultural land. It's green if it's irrigated, and brown if it's not. The park is ok, it would not qualify as a destination stop. The satellite antenna has stopped working due to mysterious forces. However, it's under warranty so it may be going back whence it came. The real bummer is that the only TV one will see in Utah is via satellite. I think two weeks without TV counts as roughing it.

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