Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MTB on Gooseberry Mesa

Yesterday we took a trip up to Gooseberry Mesa with Zion Adventure Company. It was a fun ride at 4,500 feet. The air was not as thin as on the 9,000 foot ride, but I'm still feeling the altitude!
Here we are climbing up the mesa on an old pioneer road.

After climbing for awhile, we got up to the slickrock. It was fun riding.

The view from one on the over looks. It was really bright out.

However, this is the most amazing thing we saw. These people are riding slickrock on a tandem. How on earth do they do this?

We have to go back and do the ride again. This time I need to get a picture of the giant boulder I rode down. Scared me to death, but I did it.

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