Monday, October 25, 2010

Calf Creek Hike to the Falls

Sunday (10/24) we did the Calf Creek Hike, it was 6 miles round trip. It's a very nice hike, with lots to look at.

The black strips are called varnish. Rain dissolves minerals which streaks the sandstone. Bacteria also fix the minerals to the rock. The darker the varnish, the older it is.

There were pictographs across the creek from us.

Our first glimpse of the falls.

Kim, Jim, Jim & me.

I had to move away from the falls, there was a lot of wind and mist, which was making it cold. Look dead center in the photo, there's a gray bird. He would bounce for awhile, sing a little, and look around.

Then he jumped into the water and stuck his head in, looking for bugs I suppose. After doing that for awhile, he allowed himself to be carried downstream a little.

On the way back, we saw a snake.

The Calf Creek trail head is in the Calf Creek campground, east of Escalante.

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  1. you saw a critter that I didn't, how did that happen? ;) it was a great hike, thanks for the fun.