Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hiking in Zion Again

We took the shuttle back in to Zion today for an easy little hike. Hah! Double Hah Hah Hah! We took the trail up to the three Emerald Pools. It's about 4 miles. We were not expecting as much elevation as we got.
This was taken at the lower pool, this is the water fall that feeds the pool. Later we would be standing where that water runs off the edge.

Here we are on the trail up to the upper pool. This was the steep one. There was much stepping from rock to rock.

Big rock on the side of the upper pool. There were people everywhere, so I didn't get a wide shot of the pool.

I took this from the upper pool. One needs a better camera than a pocket sized point and shoot to capture the magnificence of this place. However, my beloved will not sign up for carrying a giant DSLR, so I soldier on with my teeny tiny Canon.

About a gazillion years ago, there was a vast desert from Wyoming to Arizona. There were dunes reaching 3,000 feet tall. Current dunes in Saudi Arabia are only 300 feet tall by comparison. Then the oceans came and packed the dunes into sandstone. Then the Virgin River came and carved the Zion Park canyon, eroding the sandstone. Now there is sand everywhere!

So, after all this walking I have water blisters under my blood blisters on both big toes. I popped the water blisters after getting home today. Then I read on the web that you shouldn't do that. Hopefully I'll be better Tuesday because we're going mountain biking on Gooseberry Mesa. Mountain biking always involves walking.

Tomorrow we're doing laundry and resting. My toes are asking for a break from the walking.


  1. Good shots of an amazing place. Don't scrimp on the best hiking boots- your feet will thank you! (Same is true with running shoes.)

  2. You might only have a little point and shoot but I certainly enjoy the beautiful pictures!