Sunday, October 3, 2010

Idaho to Mountain Shadows, Draper UT

Does this look like fun? This was taken on I84 somewhere in south east Idaho. It's fairly hilly terrain and they have a head wind, and they're riding on a freeway because there aren't any roads. I've ridden on I90 before, and the noise is just overwhelming. I admire their perseverance.

We are at Mountain Shadows, and it's kind of an ukky park. No cable, no wifi, and the sites are side by side hookups. The interior roads are narrow, hopefully there will be no parked cars in the way when it's time to leave in the morning. In some parks you have permanent residents. This is a Select Suites 5th wheel with a room attached to it. There's a stand alone shed in the back, as well. This guy is not going anywhere for awhile.

Then you have your less ambitious permanent residents, who merely skirt their 5th wheels. He has used plywood, and has been very precise in cutting to fit the RV's dimensions. It's a nice job.

Sometimes you have completely home built auxiliary living quarters. This is a plywood box on top of trailer frame we saw last night. Both the class A and the box have window air conditioning units, so we don't think they move often. They both also have water hoses going inside via a window which is something we have not seen before.

It was not a bad drive down to Draper. We're here now and are about to go out and forage for groceries. Our meal planning was incomplete in that we did not obtain food for Monday. I'm not sure what I was thinking while at the store.

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