Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicken in a Can

Escalante is a very small town, blink and you'll miss it. They have a very small grocery store. Prices are still stuck on to each item, there is no bar coding here. However, they do have chicken in a can. I have never seen this before. Kim bought one. I should say now that vegetarians may want to move off of this page. I find the chicken strangely compelling.

The can was just a bear to get open. I think it's heavy duty metal. What you're looking at here are the ends of the legs and the chicken's butt. They really did put a chicken neck first into the can.

He looks somewhat forlorn in the pot.

Kim skinned and boned the chicken, shredded the meat, sieved the stock (it was actually low in sodium) and made what was unquestionably the best chicken and rice soup I have ever eaten. Jim and I kept trying to eat more, but we were too full. Who would have thought this would be the starting point for such a culinary tour de force?

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  1. who woulda thunk? I was just as amazed and surprised as everyone... but wine can make anything taste good :)