Friday, June 6, 2008

Turtle rescue, climbing temperatures

It's too dang hot. The east coast is gripped by a heat wave of biblical proportions. They're saying 101 on Sunday, with the humidity that's a heat index of 110. This is not fair, it's not supposed to do this until August!!!!!
Yesterday we rode the trail at Umsted Park. It was nice, there was shade and we were there early. The park is huge and it's unusual in that they do allow bikes. Technically it is not challenging in the least, but there are no cars and very few people. So, it's very pleasant and relaxing, with few fears of catastrophe or maiming.

On the way back we saw this guy in the road. I think he's a box turtle. He's about 11 to 12 inches front to back, which is a pretty good sized turtle. We performed turtle rescue and took him down to the creek. When we were out Wednesday, we took two young ones off the road. They need to stay off the road, it's not good for them.

Other than that, we have nothing of note to report. It's too dang hot.

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