Monday, June 2, 2008

The First Post

Greetings and salutations.

I'm blogging. Once again I have been dragged into the current century. Today I'm going to practice adding pictures. As most of you know, we've listed our house. Wake Forest is not what we thought it would be. We still don't know what it is we want, but we're slowly ruling out states. After awhile, we'll move on to the European Union and start ruling them out. Check out the apples. As part of selling one's home, one must make it look as if it's a model home, ie., no one lives there. We use lots of fake greenery and fake fruit. Those are fake Granny Smith apples from Walmart. Are they not lovely? Our real estate agent loaned them to us, along with patio furniture and are for the staging. So far, we're getting a lot of attention on the web, but only 1 showing. It's fairly depressing.

We're also riding early in the morning. It's has been humid, more so than last year. We don't have the high pressure system holding the Gulf moisture at bay like we did last year. Of course, we don't have the drought, either. I think I preferred the drought.
So, I plan to use this as my bully pulpit to put up pictures and stuff. It should be easier than the Costco uploads.

Last week we went to the Outer Banks. We met my Step-Mom Pat and her husband Clark for dinner and breakfast in Rocky Mount. They are going to spend some time with family in Virginia and then they are off to the West Coast.

We went on to the outer banks of North Carolina, we saw the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the Wright brothers memorial and lots and lots of rental properties. It's an interesting beach community. There are the locals, and then there are hundreds of HUGE houses on the beach for rent. They range from $2,000 a week and up. It's another childhood memory dashed - we used to go to Nag's Head when I was a child (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and stay at teeny tiny motels with kitchenettes and there was nothing there. Those days are over. Anyway, the Kitty Hawk museum is really worth seeing. Orville lived until 1948. Think about it. He saw first flight of anything, Hiroshima and jets. What an age he lived in and helped shape. If you're out there, it's definately worth seeing. The other amazing thing is the fact that the Hatteras light house is 208 feet tall, made out of bricks, and it was moved about a half a mile without breaking it. It was going to be washed into the sea.
Anyway, posting we are.

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