Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer in the south

Last Thursday we had to be out of the house for Gary and the real estate posse to assess the product. So we went to Umsted and rode the bikes and then went out to lunch. It was a delightful time for all. There is a small fishing lake, and one may rent these boats. Very bucolic.
The posse rearranged the furniture, Jim and I decided it looked ridiculous and put it back the way it was. We got some criticism about our furniture being out dated - remember, the furniture is not for sale. I guess they feel like they have to say something. And of course, we simply must do granite. I dunno.

The mimosa trees are blooming. They smell wonderful.

Wild turkeys in the hood. We spotted two of them at the far end of the neighborhood.

So, tomorrow we will be flying to Seattle for a visit. I am looking forward to seeing friends, but man I hate flying. DC to Seattle is 5 hours, and we both have middle seats. Urk.

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