Tuesday, June 17, 2008


OK, I'm going to quit whining about the real estate market. Things could be worse. We could be in Afghanistan, for example. Or in one of those neighborhoods where they build two houses out of 120 and the developer goes broke. Or in foreclosure. We're in none of those places, so I'm just going to shut the heck up. So for your viewing pleasure today, we have photos. This is a New Guinea impatiens. They're really pretty and fairly heat tolerant.

In the moist, hot South, Calladiums (calladia?) and their relatives thrive. Last year we had the 5 foot tall Elephant ear, this year we went for their smaller relatives. They thrive in total shade here. There is enough indirect light.

A skink on the yard art.

Last night we had a big thunder and lightening pouring down rain thunderstorm. This is up the street from us. We think it's a lightening strike. It was a fearsome storm. Note the color of the dirt around here. It's red.

Well, that's all from here. We're off to program the timers for the sprinklers for when we are gone next week. Carry on.

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