Saturday, June 14, 2008

More from the bucolic South

Yesterday we took the road bikes out early in the morning, for what was to have been a pleasant spin in the bucolic country. While pedaling down New Light on the way to the boonies, we were chased by a 70 pound bundle of mean-ness from this house. See the cage on the far right side of the yard, way in the back? That's where the dog usually is, but on this occasion he was out lose in the yard. I was able to get the Trek up to 22 mph running away (while screaming) from the monster. He had more staying power in the sprint than I would have expected. Rotten dog, I hate dogs that chase bikes.

We've been watching this garden. It's very nice, stuff has really come up lately. I made two passes by it with the camera, I'm certain the guy that lives there is wondering why he's getting so much attention.

Today was the 3 and 3/4 mile walk. We got off to a late start, so decided not to ride. It's really sunny and hot. We've switched to hats with brims. I got mine at Food Lion for $4. Jim got his in Italy. But I have a better brim. This is one of those pictures where you hold the camera at arm's length. I never know where to look.

Well, absolutely nothing of interest to report. No house showings today. Bummer.

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