Saturday, June 7, 2008

Aieeeeeeeeeee! HOT HOT HOT!

From today's weather section in the paper.
Today: Mostly sunny with extreme heat.
Sunday: Mostly sunny with almost unbearable heat.
Monday: A continuation of very hot temperatures.

Something to look forward to! Sunday should be a brute.

We did walk for 3.75 miles this morning, taking 52 minutes to complete the course, at which point we were soaking wet. After we returned from the walk, we had to depart so some unidentified realtor could show the house. Our real estate agent FINALLY got the little arrow signs up so people know we're for sale, several cars drove through the cul de sac, one took a flyer, but so far, no one is waving money at us. We're not totally despondent yet. My brother's house isn't finished, so if we did sell it we wouldn't have anywhere to go. We'll get despondent later.

I believe I will go drink more water.

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