Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh, it's always something

It has been a long day in the truck. We drove to Greensboro to pick up the travel trailer, which has been there for repairs since mid-April. Good thing we have an alternate place to live. Anyway, they wrote everything off to warranty work which was pretty unexpected, seeing as how it was no one's fault but my own for closing the slide with the bathroom door open, which resulted in the door being ripped from the hinges. On the way out, however, we noticed that the plastic fender skirting had been ripped from its support and broken. It'll be covered since it happened on their lot, but it's another trip to pick up the travel trailer. After that, on to Raleigh to have the canopy seal on the pickup redone. Six hours in the truck. My hiney is hurtin! I'm typing standing up.

There are a lot of original inhabitants of the area on the road leading to our house. They have fields next to the houses, and they grow hay. They've been haying recently. Big hay.

Jim ordered a new barbee in anticipation of being gone in the RV. It's a Weber, it's very nice. Now the trick is to find the proper hoses so we can hook it to the quick disconnect gas thingy on the RV and run off the big tanks. You'd think that this would be a popular thing to do and an easy item to obtain. But noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Propane tanks on the east coast do not have the quick disconnect fittings that people in Puget Sound enjoy. They have something else. The hose selection available here supports the something else option. So, while we're in Puget Sound, perhaps we can find something.

So, I have nothing much else to offer. We had the 4th house showing today. No offers, no one clamoring to live here.

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