Friday, June 6, 2008

Historic Wake Forest and a small rant

Friday afternoon we went to the library in downtown Wake Forest. Great invention, libraries, free books. Pick and choose with abandon, if you don't like the book, take it back. Anyway, then we drove through historic WF. Those houses are so beautiful. One was open, it's for sale. Here are some pictures.

Birthplace of Wake Forest University.

Blogspot is apparently completely random in how it places multiple pictures. I have not lost all sense of design and placement, I am just completely and totally frustrated by an inability to tell it to put the picture HERE.
Anyway, we went to the open, it was being hosted by the owners. We got to talking to the guy owner, they have a boat, they're gone a lot, and they can't understand how it came to be that they own a 4,000 square foot house that they aren't using. The house was a complete basket case before they bought it. It had to be jacked up so the supporting piers could be replaced, all the plaster and lathe came down, they added a garage and office to the house, lots of new wood trim. It's just beautiful, it's everything you would think of when you think of old Southern charming house. Fireplaces everywhere, I think most of them have been converted to gas. On the downside, it's a small historic district, there's a gas station and minimart 3/4 of a mile up the street, and the level of preservation on the street is uneven. But that house is something special.

So, anyway, it did make us feel a little bit better that we are not the only people buying more house than they actually needed.

So - today gas went up $10.50 a barrel because some Israeli defense minister said he thought war with Iraq is inevitable. The speculators responded by driving up the cost of oil, although NOTHING HAS CHANGED, because something might happen. Well to quote Wayne's world, monkeys might fly out of my butt, too, but should that drive up oil prices. When did this start? This is making me crazy.

That is all. It's the cocktail hour.

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