Monday, June 16, 2008

Fauna and the agony of real estate

This is a bug that was on the deck railing. The bugs here are quite colorful. There's some species of something with legs that is a brilliant turquoise. If they weren't moving you'd swear they were plastic and came out of a cereal box.
The real estate market here just sucks. We are talking vacuum enabled. On Craig's list for the range of $300k to $350k there are over 800 listings. That's pretty amazing. We are being hampered, nay crippled, by the fact that our house was built the year before granite became widely available. It's interesting. Granite used to be a high-end, expensive material. Then more quarries opened up, and the price dropped and it became readily available. However, in this market, if you don't have granite and stainless steel appliances, you're untouchable. But the thing of it is, it's now a commodity. Why does granite continue to have any cache' what so ever? The rich people have moved on to quartz composites. No less than the New York Times has declared granite to be passe'. But, in this market, they won't even look at you without it. So, we are now officially despondent. Gary (real estate agent) is coming in with his posse on Thursday to look at it. I really and truly do not want to do the kitchen. I have been there, and done that with remodeling. No mas!
We rode today, it was way cooler. The evil dog did not chase us, so that was good. We rescued another turtle from the road and that was good, too.

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