Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Other people's content

Well, today I'm going to follow in the steps of Instapundit and include a couple of links to interesting articles, and a photo from the paper which I really like. There's not enough definition in the picture to see what's attached to her feet, but it's another dancer. I think it's a really striking image. Double click on the image, it should get bigger. These two are with the American Dance Federation.

Today, the paper also solved that most annoying and difficult question of what wine does one serve with barbeque and banana cream pie. I am so much the better for knowing.

Also revealed in today's paper was the role of speculation in driving up the cost of oil. Also discussed, the complete and total lack of attention to this matter on the part of our elected officials. I personally wonder why neither of our presidential candidates are talking about this.

Have a good one.

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