Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Rain Was Here

Marco and his crew were out early today to wash and wax the RV.  We all know what happens when you wash the car, right?  This afternoon we were getting severe thunderstorm and hail warnings.  The weather heads were right!  I’m blaming Jim for this.

This was about three in the afternoon.  We stopped by the RV to cover the newly washed tires and bring the slides in. 


Later it just rained pigs and chickens.  The short palm tree is acting as a really excellent splash block to disperse the water. 


We’re going to have to put some sort of water dispersal device under this downspout.  The bougainvillea is just taking it in the head from the water landing on it.  Or maybe I’ll just trim the plant back so that he’s not in the rush of water.  The water drains to the wash which is good.




This is a weird weather pattern.  We’re still waiting for our high pressure system.

This was later.

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  1. Look at all that rain! At least you got some dramatic clouds and a nice sunset out of it.