Thursday, October 11, 2018

Back in Tucson

Ack thppppptttt!  New (to us) houses are exhausting.  We’ve spent the last two days deciding how big of a TV the living room would tolerate, how big a pair of loppers were required to prune the dead fronds off the palm trees and what size of sun shades for the patio.  These are momentous decisions.  We bought bigger loppers today, the smaller pair goes back.  I have to tell you, the previous year’s palm fronds are tough.  Also, there has been much thinking about where stuff will go.  The hacienda is a little light on storage.

Anyway, we’re here, we’re tired.  The HVAC guy came today, the cable guy comes tomorrow, and we get the RV washed Sunday.  We’ve been reading up on how to winterize the RV, which we have never done ever.  An El Nino winter is forecast, so we must get it done before going to storage.

This was day before yesterday.  I never get tired of looking at that.


This was tonight.  Sergio the tropical depression is arriving tomorrow.  It’s been windy and overcast.  There will be rain over the next couple of days.


So, that’s it.  We’re moving in to the house, slowly but surely.


  1. All the best for the new adventure. Mixed feelings I bet.

  2. Wait. You are winterizing in Tucson? Could it really get THAT cold??

    1. It does actually snow in Tucson...we experienced it in 2013!

    2. Yup, we've been snowed on twice in Tucson.
      At least all these house decisions will keep you busy!

  3. I was stumped at first when you said the hacienda was light on storage...I forgot you had kept a bunch of stuff in storage and now have to house it! Every house we look at seems to have an over abundance of storage...especially since we have virtually nothing! It's hard to imagine being able to fill an entire house again!

  4. What gorgeous views! Despite the inconveniences, you must be happy to be back. And in a house. Enjoy!