Thursday, October 25, 2018

And So It Begins

It was (again) off to Home Depot this morning.  Buying a house means multiple trips to the big box hardware stores.  Today’s mission was the acquisition of a blower.  We really did not want to do it, they’re noisy and annoying but it became clear over the past few days that it would be inevitable.  A low voltage lights timer/transformer, 100 feet of power cord and a blower came home with us.


The driveway is stamped concrete.  It would not have been my first choice, but it came with the house.  The orange and purple flowers from the neighbor’s yard blow into our yard and get stuck in the grooves.  Using a broom is just wasted effort.


Jim has chased the debris off the drive way and down the street and blown it into the wash.


This is a terrible picture of a Northern Cardinal.  He was out in the wash this morning flitting around.  The camera had a split second to see him and didn’t finish the focus.  Better pictures are on the web.  Until today, I didn’t know they were in the south west – now I do.


I pulled weeds today, part of which was about 20 feet of a vine with stickers.  It’s amazing how all of the plants have stickers, they are well protected.  We also have this volunteer in the hopseed hedge.  Look at the plants to the left and right, and then look at that tall ferny looking thing in the middle.  That was not there when we left in May.  What ever it is, it’s a fast grower.  We’re going to out source its removal, it has a substantial base.


Tomorrow we’re hoping for the beginning of hiking season.  Enough dealing with the house!  I need to go outside.


  1. Soon your garage will be filled all sorts of equipment, tools and gadgets requisite with home ownership.

    1. I know.... it's a really small garage. Jim is already talking about exterior storage of some sort. This is how it starts.

  2. Yes, it's easy to re-acquire a lot of stuff even after a massive downsizing. This is because houses and yards actually do require a lot of stuff. They don't require as much as what most of us end up with, but you do have to have a minimal set of "stuff". Even in our little rental house here in the Yucatan, we have had to buy a ridiculous amount of "stuff" at Sam's Club and the Mexican version of Walmart just to have the basics. There are enough glasses here to have a cocktail party for 50 people, but not one plastic storage container! So, we had to buy some of the latter, stuff like that.