Friday, October 5, 2018

Mountain Home, ID to Ely, NV

It’s a long drive.  It seems like there’s always one long day on this transit.  We took I84 to US93.  One turns off at Twin Falls and heads out into the hinterlands.  We had fog when we left Mountain Home, but then the sun came out.


This is the Twin Falls corn maze.  I’m not sure what those tall things are.  Maybe they’re for tossing pumpkins.


There is a lot of this.


There is also a lot of this.


Today’s scary moment was a paint striper coming at us.  He was slowly driving down the road, painting the stripes on either side.  Given how windy it was, we were just certain we’d have overspray on the RV or truck.  Mercifully, we did not.  While we were on the side of the road checking, we heard this coming towards us.  It’s towing a good size sport utility vehicle on a trailer.  The most interesting feature was the straps on the RV.  We wonder if they’re holding the roof down.  The straps were vibrating loudly as the RV went down the road.


Oh yes, and then there was the truck driver who passed us with insufficient time.  The on coming big rig had to drive off onto the shoulder and we had to brake to give the passing truck time to get back in our lane.  If those two had collided head on, we would have been in the accident, as well.

Parts of the drive are better looking than others.


There is snow in the mountains.


We’re overnighting at the Ely KOA, which I have previously reviewed.

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  1. I love Ely! And we stayed in that KOA once. Seems KOA's charge extra for every little an uncharge because we had more than one computer (Bobbies)