Sunday, October 14, 2018

Storage Solutions

Friday it rained because of the remnants of Hurricane Sergio.  Yesterday it rained pigs and chickens due to a low pressure system pulling water up from the gulf.  This morning it also rained so we did not get the RV washed and waxed.  We had to push that out a week towards better weather.

Since yesterday was rained out, we went to the Container Store to see what they had.  They had a 25% off sale.  We bought storage.


Some assembly was required.  They’re actually easy to put together.  Elfa has done a good job with making them idiot proof.  We only had to back out one part, and that was no biggie.  The only tool required is a rubber mallet.  There was a lot of beating on the top and bottom cross bars to get them in.


This is the left side of the closet.  We put two shallow drawer units here, so we could still get to the hanging clothes.


Here we have the right side of the closet.  Most of our clothing is folded, so the drawers will be good.  Eventually I’m going to put a shelf on top of the bottom hanging rod, as well as one in the middle of that space.  We need more horizontal space for shoes, bike helmets, sheets and towels and etc.


When we bought the house we were so enamored of the side yard that we completely failed to notice there is no linen closet.  So the master closet will have to provide space for all the things one stuffs in a linen closet because there’s no good place to put it.


On the other side of that low wall is a very wide and deep wash.  It’s a soothing view.


Tomorrow we’re driving the bus over to the house to unload.  Jim and I were putting stuff in the truck this afternoon and were both attacked by some melancholy.  We’ve lived here since 2011 and it feels very odd to think about being out for the winter.  We haven’t had a house since 2007.  If we are efficient enough, this will be the last night we sleep in the RV for awhile.


  1. It is a big lifestyle change! Hopefully you'll settle right in.

  2. I would be focused on the views, too. You can always figure out storage, but you can't change the view! Looks beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous views! I like the drawer units you picked out too. No linen closet is a grievous error, though -- not by you, but by the builder/architect. Sheesh!