Friday, October 12, 2018

Meeting the Neighbors

We have an in ground trash can at the house.  It’s weird.  It makes the garbage guys get off the truck, lean down and haul it out of the container.  It’s a narrow street and they use small trucks.  I was looking in it today and found these guys.  The first is a Western Banded Gecko.  We dumped him out of the trash can on the driveway and eventually he wandered off.  Hopefully he’ll find something to eat.  Who knows how long he’s been down there


This was also in the trash can.  It’s a dead scorpion.


So today’s key learning is to look before putting a bare hand anywhere.


  1. I was intrigued by the in ground trash cans as I've never seen / heard of them, so I Googled them. It must be a strain for the guys lifting them out.

    1. That was our thought, that they're a back injury waiting to happen. We're going to get one with wheels, so it should be easier for them to deal with.

  2. What a bizarre feature! The gecko sure is cute...I'd hate to come upon a rattler in there!

  3. People do find rattlers in their yards and garages. The fire department (which is very close to us) will come out and get them and the gila monsters. While it is nice to be in a less built out part of Tucson, there are critters!

  4. Those weren't the kind of neighbors I was expecting to read about.